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Juanita E. Addeo FGA GG ASA

Master Gemologist Appraiser®

As professional Jeweler/Gemologists, the ADDEO’s have been known in the Central Florida community since our first location in 1973. Originally from NYC, our family has been in the fine jewelry business since 1949.

Our clients are professional, busy, informed, influential individuals with families who are in a quest for information, value, and upscale style and design. (Juanita won the coveted DeBeers Diamonds Today Competition Award in 1984/’85).

Customers return throughout the years, and generations over the decades as they realize the true merit of our products and consultations which have stood the test of time. Our extensive experience is in retailing, purchasing, manufacturing, custom design, alterations and repair.

We are very connected to our patrons with overnight shipments for any gift giving in the USA.

Juanita and her staff are highly qualified, with continuous education requirements retained for the state of the art knowledge in treatments, masked goods, and qualified laboratories.

In addition to being a Fellow of the Gemological Association of Great Britain, Juanita is designated Graduate Gemologist (GIA), and Accredited Senior Appraiser with the American Society of Appraisers with the MGA (Master Gemologist Appraiser®) distinction. Juanita is also USPAP compliant (Uniform Standard Codes of Professional Appraisal Practice).

As a Personal
“Concierge” Jeweler

We work by appointment only and reserve time for each client, at an appointed time. If you visit our showroom, you’ll feel right at home. In a most professional environment we make our appointment a unique experience. We endeavor to empower the client with as much information as possible so as to make an informed decision in their discriminating taste and decision.

With a variety of inventory items suiting many tastes, there’s more of a hands on intimate atmosphere. We take pride in offering exceptional value in terms of knowledge and customizing your special piece of jewelry.

No pushy sales staff with sales quotas. We offer complete personalized attention. Call us for an appointment at 407-333-0390 or email us.

Private Consultations

In order to give each of our clients our undivided attention, appointments work best to meet the amount of time needed. However, should your need be of an urgent nature, please call 407-333-0390 or email us and we will do our very best to work within your time frame.

Tami Ritter

Tami Ritter is our Administrative Assistant, and fine jewelry aficionado extraordinaire. Principally in the Bookkeeping and contacts department, she is full of energy, and attentive to all the details.

Example of a diamond stud presentation for a particular call
Final product before shipping to the client